I Just Watched Django Unchained

April 25, 2013 at 07:51 PM | categories: movies | View Comments


Over the weekend I caught up with Django Unchained. Like every other Tarantino movie, it was a supremely enjoyable watch. It retreads a lot of the ground from Inglourious Basterds, but I'm really starting to enjoy the whole "historical revenge fantasy" genre Tarantino is creating.

Christoph Waltz and Sam Jackson give great showy performances, and for a while Jamie Foxx almost gets lost in his own movie. Still, the only out-of-place performance was Tarantino himself. At this point, he's gotta be trolling us. For as great a director he is, he has to know he's not a very good actor, so giving himself accent work just seems like another "in-joke" of his at this point.

Since watching this, I've added Shaft and Coffy to my Netflix queue. It's time I watched those.

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